Whether you have an ambition to overhaul the way you deliver your projects, a technical challenge with a project you are delivering, or you are looking to enter new markets and develop new products. Better Delivery have a suite of bespoke services to assist you.

Our service offering is split into five core areas; strategic advisory, design & technical consultancy, project support, feasibility and commercial management & project financial control​

Strategic Advisory

  • Advice & development of optimum MMC engagement strategies for landowners, developers, housing associations and investors
  • Market entry strategy development for MMC manufacturers  and construction supply chain
    • establish routes to market
    • detailed review of proposition
    • value proposition development
    • commercial management and co-ordination of supply chain partners
    • advice on optimum delivery models to suit client requirements
  • Market research, surveys and insights relating to new construction methods (MMC), technologies and market opportunities
  • Business model development combining investment options, development and MMC​
  • Development of ESG strategies and carbon monitoring metrics (whole life & operational)​
  • Development of organization wide digitization and process improvement strategies​
  • MMC Procurement and Contractual Strategies
  • Digital Strategy
  • Pre-Manufactured Value Optimisation

Commercial Management & Project Financial Control

  • Due Diligence/Peer Reviews​
  • ​Commercial and Product Benchmarking​
  • ​Value Management/ Value Engineering​
  • ​Order of Cost Estimates and Feasibility Studies​
  • ​Cost Planning​
  • ​Cost Control, Project Monitoring and Project Reporting​
  • ​KPI Analysis​
  • ​Contractual and Procurement Strategies​
  • ​Package Strategies​
  • ​Risk Management​
  • ​Contract Administration/Employer’s Agent Services​
  • ​Appraisal Support​
  • ​Project Budget Structuring​
  • ​Invoice protocol and financial management​
  • ​Capital call management and forecasting​
  • ​Professional Services Benchmarking and Scope Reviews​

Project Support

  • MMC advisor
  • Specialist client-side advisors to support existing project teams in integrating MMC and Offsite solutions into their projects, aligned with the role of ‘MMC advisor’, as per the RIBA DfMA overlay 2020.

Services Include:

  • ‘Art of the Possible’ review to shortlist MMC options, suggest supply chain and undertake engagement, management & integration
  • Advice on available procurement routes
  • Development of project performance metrics
  • Design management
  • Logistics reviews
  • Leading MMC specific workshops and coordinating consultant team
  • Progress reporting to client team

We also provide specialist design management and project controls function separate to the ‘MMC advisor’ role.

Full scope of services aligned with RIBA stages available on request

Design & Technical Consultancy

  • DfMA Consultancy
    • Development of MMC product book / design guides
    • Development of kit of parts building solutions

Including supply chain suggestions, engagement, management & integration

  • Full Engineering Services (RIBA 1-7) including:
    • Technical detailing & fabrication drawings to suppliers required LOO (Stage 4+ & 5)
    • Lifting plans
    • Tekla modeling
    • WoodEngine modeling
  • Full Architectural Services (RIBA 1-7)
  • Design Management
  • BIM and Information Management
  • Generative Design Solutions
  • Testing, Accreditation & Product Development/Management
Full scope of services aligned with RIBA stages available on request

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